Become A Patron of Doctor Necromantic

Patreon page for Doctor Necromantic

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a new tool that allows Doctor Necromantic readers to become more than fans; it allows you to become a Patron of the comic. Patreon also provides me, as the creator, a unique opportunity to give back to my most loyal readership with Patron exclusive content and unprecedented direct access to you! 

Here, this brief video from Patreon does a better job of explaining it than I can.

The Doctor Necromantic comic strip is a one person show. As the writer, cartoonist and sole promoter of the comic I juggle a lot of activities to put out the best content I can. I am so excited to watch my readership grow and with your help as a Patreon supporter I can take my work into exciting new directions. The comic itself will always be free and open to read by anyone, but I have future plans to bring out Doctor Necromantic merchandising, print books, and personal appearances. All my future plans require some level of investment, which is why I need your help.

So, what do you get for becoming a patron of Doctor Necromantic? I have set up multiple tiers of support for you to choose from.

$1 per month - ZOMBIE LEVEL

At the Zombie Level you join Doctor Necromantic's undead horde and help grow his power! Your monthly contribution helps to keep the strip online and updating regularly. Thanks!

$5 or more per month - DARK MINION LEVEL

As a Dark Minion to Doctor Necromantic you gain access to the "backstage" of the comic strip's creation! Exclusive updates will include posts from my sketchbook as I develop the strip, speed draw videos showing how the strip gets created, and early access to the strips themselves, read them first, before anyone else!

$10 or more per month - CREATURE OF THE NIGHT LEVEL

A Creature of the Night will join the ranks of Doctor Necromantic's strike force! You get all the backstage access, same as a Dark Minion, and a custom digital sketch emailed to you with your favorite Doctor Necromantic character, signed to you personally! (this is a one time reward, you must be a pledge at this level for 3 months to get the digital sketch)

$25 per month - NECROMANCER LEVEL

Pledging to become a Necromancer will get you all the exclusive backstage extras, a digital sketch personalized and emailed to you, plus the twice yearly print comic book collecting all the Doctor Necromantic comic strips!! (the digital sketch is a one time reward, comics will be sent twice a year, you must be a pledge at this level for 3 months to get the digital sketch and the bi-annual comic book)