Jumping back into webcomics

About ten years ago I was writing and drawing another comic strip for the web, Hermit Hill. At the time social media existed, but didn't have nearly the reach it does today. Creators on the web trying to find an audience used the comic's own site as the central point of focus and worked to get people to click on links that would take them to their own page. There were webcomic collectives with groups of creators trying to pool their online resources and comics based ad networks that were filled with creators advertising on each other's pages. 

During this first week of creating and updating the Doctor Necromantic comic strip I've also been assessing where and how to post the comic so I can gain new readers and have found things have changed a lot. It seems important to engage with social media sites to help gain new readers. I have six locations that get a post of a new comic at the same time I update here. Maybe that's too much and I'll cull some of these accounts, but for now I'm just posting wherever I can think of. So far, Instagram has garnered the most response with readers with folks almost immediately ready to like, favorite and comment on comics.

Webtoons is an amazing development. I hadn't heard of that platform until I started looking into launching a new strip. It seems to be the platform everyone was fantasizing about ten years ago, an online equivalent to the Sunday comics page. It's a social media platform specifically for reading online comics and caters directly to people's smart phones. Tapastic seems very similar and I'm posting to both of them for now.  

The tricky part with posting to all these different platforms is the format they all want can vary. Instagram wants images to be square, Webtoons and Tapastic want the strip to be vertical so folks can scroll on their phones. To support all this I now format the strip is multiple ways each time I finish one. It's horizontal for the site, vertical for some and in a square format for others. I took the time to create multiple templates to help me format the strip in different ways quickly.

Since I've only been at this a week I haven't delved into monetizing yet, but a cusory look shows a lot of different options there, which is a huge improvement over my last go round. I will be concentrating on writing and drawing the strip for now, but it is great to know that when the time comes there are things I can do to help support growth. It's an exciting time for webcomics!