Warmup Sketch


I have a lot of drawing to do today. I have to get started on this week's comic strips, I'm starting work on a Doctor Necromantic comic book collecting the strips for the first half of the year, which means a cover design, and I have a commission to complete for a local Boy Scout troop who asked me to design their summer camp t-shirts. 

With so much to do today I wanted to get "warmed up", get into the mood and the flow for drawing. Triggering the muscle memory first tends to help me get into the groove of working. A technique I like to use is to run some random image searches in Google, just something vague to bring up photos of people. I usually choose something like "public place" or "people". I scroll through until a character catches my attention and draw a quick cartoon version of the photo.

Here you can see one of the photos that came up today. Not sure who this person is, but he looks grouchy and intimidating. I will probably do a few more and then get going with the work.