Going to print!


I've started working on laying out the first issue of the Doctor Necromantic comic book. Even though my focus for the strip is certainly directed towards publishing it online for readers around the world I personally prefer to see my work printed. It just doesn't feel "finished" until I yank it out of cyberspace and into tangible reality.

The comic will collect the first 6 month's worth of DN comic strips. With 52 weeks in the year, 3 strips per week, I can fill a standard 24 page comic book twice per year. My plan is to publish these bi-annually and make them available for sale here on the site. Once I have enough I can start tabling at conventions, but that's still a ways off. For now I'm focused on getting the strip out there and finishing up this first comic book. 

I was struggling for a while with the format of the comic book since the strip is 3 panels and each panel is square. How to lay this out for a comic book format? I tried a few different layout designs and showed them around. The final layout I settled on will be 4 strips per page, horizontal layout, in a magazine sized page rather than traditional comic book dimensions. I have the proof copy from the printer now and I'm reviewing it before I get the first print run complete. Once I have them I can start selling them through my site. 

Check this space for more info on the fist issue soon!