The many ways to read a comic strip


Orders of the new Doctor Necromantic Comic Magazine have been very encouraging. I want to thank everyone who has ordered a copy. I am very proud with how it came out, with the newsprint pages and larger magazine format, I think it's awesome! When I started the strip I was very careful to come up with a design that could be enjoyed online as well as in print, but I can't help but feel a particular affinity towards seeing the finished comics in ink on paper. Even though I work digitally, it doesn’t feel "finished" until it's down on paper. I offer a wide variety of ways people consume the strip and my favorite by far is to read the strips back to back in a comic book.

Of course, most people are going experience the strip on the internet. I draw and design DN in the format of a traditional comic "strip", that is a series of panels laid out horizontally, and that is how I present it here on the DN site. However, I know that most people are consuming online content through their phone. So, I also took special care to make sure the strip would end up readable on people's handheld devices.

Each panel in the strip is square and after I finish each one I cut the image into a series of panels for posting online. This allows me to arrange the strip into a 2x2 format, making the whole strip a square for easier reading on smaller devices. I can also then post them as a series of panels to sites that support it, like Instagram and Webtoons.

Setting all this up ahead of time with templates and pre-set formats helps to streamline the process of publishing online. There are 7 different social media accounts I post the strip to, each with its own positive and negative aspects and audiences. That may be excessive and if I see an account isn't catching on I can eventually drop it.