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Doctor Necromantic Comic Magazine #1


This is the Doctor Necromantic-annual comic magazine #1. This exciting first issue collects the first 6 months of comic strips from the popular online webcomic. The wide magazine format makes the strips wide and clear and easy to read. Printed on aged newsprint in full color and a glossy cover, this makes an excellent collectable and a great addition to any comics collection.

This comic strip tells the story of a budding necromancer as he works to master the dark occult world in tales filled with ghosts, monsters, zombies, and all manner of undead horrors. A haunted, paranormal, macabre gothic comedy comic strip.

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Kindle edition of Doctor Necromantic Comic Magazine #1

New on your Kindle e-book reader and tablets with the Kindle reader app is the bi-annual comic magazine collecting the first 6 months of your favorite webcomic, Doctor Necromantic. Order now and download the magazine to your favorite Kindle reading device right away!


Doctor Necromantic 1
By Nate Bramble


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